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Paragragh 80 House Concept Sketch
Scott Boote

CV is a creatively-driven Structural Engineering practice. Driven to do the best work of our lives with the inspiring clients and Architects we're proud to work with. was founded by Structural Engineer Scott Boote. A Chartered Structural Engineer with more than 20 years of professional experience in Engineering consultancies in London, Bristol, and Wiltshire in the UK, and in Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai. He is an advocate of low-carbon structures with a specialism in structural stone design. As a member of the IStructE Sustainability Panel, Scott actively encourages and facilitates Structural Engineers to meet climate objectives. Over many years Scott has developed expertise in a diverse range of low carbon materials, completing numerous projects in structural stone, rammed earth, low carbon concrete and timber-concrete composites.

We will always offer solutions that look to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry through the adoption of the Institution of Structural Engineers hierarchy of net zero design; Build less, Build clever, Build efficiently, Minimise waste, and Specify low-carbon.


Scott has a very keen interest in all forms of visual arts including design, architecture, and fine art.

"As an Engineer, my passion and expertise lie in Architecturally led projects with a high level of creative design input."

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