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Staircases and Sculptures

As structural engineers specialising in bespoke staircases, we recognise the allure of these unique structures and the challenges they present.


Crafting a unique staircase, more so than many other structures, requires a harmonious union of form and function, calling for a delicate give and take between creativity and practicality.


Each project presents its own set of opportunities and obstacles. Our expertise lies in navigating these challenges, working alongside you to develop a beautiful, elegant yet robust and functional result.

Project 1: Sulina Road - Architect: Studio AR. Photography: Rory Penant-Rea

Project 2: Hermes Store Amsterdam - Architect: RDAI.

Project 3: College Road - Architect: Studio Amita Vikrant

Project 4: Floating Red Stair. - Architect: Michaelis Boyd. Photography: Agnese Sanvito

Project 5: Pegasus Sculpture - Sculptors: Charlie Langton, Mark Jackson

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